The work continues!

I know we haven’t posted to this blog in a while, but don’t worry: the work on the Historic Dress project has continued quietly in the background! Both our Omeka collection and WordPress blog sites were offline briefly while we did some maintenance and switched hosting providers, but now we’re online again. Our work is still spread across a few different sites, left over from our earlier days of trying different platforms for sharing, but we do hope to eventually have it all here on our Omeka site for you to engage with.

You can see what we’ve digitized so far from Nancy Rexford’s notebooks in Artstor’s Public Collections.

Here are links filtering the view in Artstor to particular notebooks from Nancy Rexford:

From each of those links, once you click on any image to see a larger view with metadata, you should be able to use the arrows at the top of the window to move through the notebook pages in order (chronologically). Please let us know if those links, arrows, etc. don’t work as expected.

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