Historic Dress in Shared Shelf Commons

a page from a research notebook from Nancy Rexford with 3 illustrations of mourning dress and text

Earlier this year we were able to publish more of our images online with a new platform, as we continue to test our workflow. Please come and take a look at this latest collection on Shared Shelf Commons.

So far this collection includes 65 pages of Mourning Dress images and text from the research notebooks of costume historian Nancy Rexford. Pages include xeroxes of illustrations and texts from 19th century primary sources (primarily fashion periodicals), annotated with the date and source of each image, and organized both by type and chronology.

We prioritized our work on this particular notebook section so that it could be used for a course at Smith College with a focus on mourning as represented in literature.

Many thanks to Smith student Li-Li Wu for her hard work to catalog these images in time to share them with this class (in which she was also a student).

This work in Shared Shelf was made possible thanks to our Digital Humanities Award from Artstor.

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