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The terms included here relate to the documentation of materials related to the items represented in HistoricDress, with definitions, sources, and images.

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a strip of material (as whalebone or steel) used to stiffen a garment (as a corset)

Textile produced by brocading, typically richly figured and incorporating metal thread. (AAT)

Sheer, lightweight plain-woven textile of fine, tightly-twisted yarn, originally of silk now also of various synthetic fibers, used, for example, for scarves, dresses, blouses, underwear, and veils. (AAT)

White-to-yellowish seed-hair fibers of several species of the genus Gossypium, native to most subtropical areas of the world; used especially for making textile, cord, padding, rag paper, and for cellulose used for plastic and rayon. (AAT)