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The terms included here relate to the documentation of closure types, with definitions, sources, and images.

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Devices used for fastening consisting of a usually open rectangular or rounded frame and a tongue or catch attached to one side or a vertical bar attached across the center. Sometimes used alone as an ornament. (AAT)

Disks, balls, or devices of other shape having holes or a shank by which they are sewn or secured to an article and that are used as fasteners by passing through a buttonhole or loop or a trimming. (AAT)

hooks and eyes
Two-part fastening devices, as on a garment or a door, consisting of a hook that catches over a bar or into a loop.

Fastening devices that close with a click when the two parts are fitted tightly into each other.

Fasteners consisting usually of two rows of metal or plastic teeth on strips of tape for binding to the edges of an opening and having a sliding piece that closes the opening by drawing the teeth into interlocking position. (AAT)