Red, Blue, Yellow, and White Silk and Wool Paisley Shawl

Date: late 1820's-1830s
ID: hdrx_b01s04_sh005

Description: Red ground; narrow border of blue and green; silk warp; wool weft; warp-faced twill throws silk toward face; shawl cut and sewn so the face is seen at all times on both sides; applied fringe.
Materials: silk, wool
Techniques: twill weave
Measurements: Width: 70"; Length: 78 3/4"; hem to border: 4 1/8"

Gender: female

References: information from the Nancy Rexford Research Archive, box 1, section 4, card 5

Cataloger Name(s) and Date(s): Lydia Wilson (2012-08-20)

Rights: This image was provided by the Five Colleges Historic Dress project. Use of this image is limited to educational, scholarly, personal, and noncommercial applications.

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“Red, Blue, Yellow, and White Silk and Wool Paisley Shawl,” Historic Dress, accessed November 20, 2019,

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