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Rectangular European wool shawl woven primarily in reds and pale turquoise with a small white center. While the degree of contrast within the design area is moderate, the deep end borders are clearly organized in three long ovals, each filled with a…

Date: 1858-1863

White center; border in salmon, light pink, olive, light blue; silk warp; wool weft; very soft colors.


White center; deep maroon borders; has background; horizontal stripes of light blue and maroon.


Rich brown probably silk wool; blue center woven in colors but borders are sewn on European shawl.


Silk warp; wool weft; large rectangle; deep borders; white center; curlicues in reds, green, and blue-gray dominate.

Date: 1850s

Printed; black center; lots of yellow in border; all wool twill; edge is a wreck; harlequin border.

Date: 1860-1869

Indian; all embroidered; harlequin border; slightly better quality.

Date: 1870-1879

European; black center; bright red and small white botas varying, and black lines from center; fringe may have been twisted; harlequin border fringe on all four sides; all wool probably, if not then cotton warp.

Date: 1870

Indian; pieced center woven; embroidered border on black only; black star center.

Date: 1870

European; White center in the shape of a small star; lots of yellow in the border, as well as, brown, blue, white, and red; harlequin border; fringe knotted in corner; all wool.