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Red center; large paisley border, with tilted botas along the entire border; red fringe on ends; corner tilted bota motifs.

Date: 1825-1835

Printed; warps do not take red or yellow dye, they remain white; warps take blue dye; warps take green dye less well.

Date: 1825-40 (30-40?)

Red ground; narrow border of blue and green; silk warp; wool weft; warp-faced twill throws silk toward face; shawl cut and sewn so the face is seen at all times on both sides; applied fringe.

Date: late 1820's-1830s

Silk warp; wool weft; cream center; small paisley inside large paisley pattern; later wool fringe on a silk tape added on.

Date: 1830s

Square shawl, plain black wool, to which the border of another, presumably earlier and damaged shawl has been stitched. The border design has tilted botehs alternating with upright botehs, interwined with a branchlike motif.

Date: 1830-1835

Black center; gold, green, red, purple, blue, and white borders; 1/2 off each end of warp for wool fringe; very stiff and harsh; very tightly woven ground; European.

Date: 1830-40s

Black and brown center; at least some (maybe half) ground wefts are cotton, rest brown black silk warps.

Date: 1830s

Red ground; border of blue and yellow; slanted botas and corner motifs; silk warp; wool weft; poor condition.

Date: 1830-1835

European machine woven; silk warp; wool weft, red ground, all borders woven into main piece; very fine and delicate main border in blue, gold, and green with of white dots; very carefully sheared back.

Date: 1830-1835

Silk warp; wool weft; white ground; repeated bota border; enlarged bota in each corner; partially trimmed back.

Date: 1830- 1838